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100% Wool Felt Sheets Heathered
100% Wool Felt Undyed from Holland
Up to 9 pieces can be shipped in a flat  envelope at a cost of $4.00. We will reimburse the overcharge.
Our Price: CDN $3.29

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100% wool felt sheets are:
  • 30cm x 20cm
  • 1mm thick
  • colour safe
  • naturally non-flammable
  • dirt repellant
  • eco-friendly
100% Wool felt sheets are made of new Merino wool from South America and processed in Holland. They are certified Oeko-tex 100, meaning they are free of harmful substances, including lead and safe for babies and children

Have you ever wondered how felt is made?

When the wool first arrives it is thoroughly washed. The wool fibres are mixed to obtain the right colour and quality and then the fibres are loosened up. On big rolls with small needles the fibres are loosened even further and carded in one direction. The carded fibres are laid don perpendicular on top of each other and gently pre-felted into a carded fleece. By pushing or pulling the carded fleece the right thickness is acquired.With steam, natural soap and friction the carded fleece is felted into a concentrated mass. The felt is washed to rinse out the soap from the felting process. The wool felt is then dyed with non-toxic dyes and then rinsed clean. The felt is stretched to the desirable length and with and dried to fixate the size. Spiral shaped knives shaved the ends of the wool fibres for smooth surface. Finally, while moving through the machine a slow speed, the felt is inspected for quality, stains and holes. From start to finish, the machinery is almost 100 meters long.

Up to 5-6 sheets of 100% wool felt can fit in a large envelope for only $5 shipping and handling within Canada.