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333 Rainbow In Landscape By Marjan van Zeyl
333 Rainbow In Landscape By Marjan van Zeyl
Our Price: CDN $2.49



The postcard "Rainbow In Landscape" by Marjan van Zeyl" features a rainbow stretching across a stormy sky, framed by a beautiful, giant white cloud. The water below, a lake, sea or ocean, reflects back the brilliance of the cloud and there is a  feeling that the storm has passed.

Marjan Van Zeyl is a Dutch artist beloved artist in the Waldorf community and beyond. She had a prolific career creating all kinds of works of art - small sketches in charcoal, coloured pencil, mysterious watercolours, large expressive oil painting and lovely small paintings. Her style is simple, whimsical, innocent, playful, colourful and etheric.

Her beautiful board and picture books encourage the imagination and celebrate simplicity, without any words. In a busy world they are a breath of fresh air.

Her charming post cards can be given on special occasions or can decorate a seasonal nature table or homeschool classroom. The paintings and drawings on the postcards are soft and gentle depicting all that is to be enjoyed in each season.