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WizPik Felting Needles ADVANCED SET
Advanced Set of 7 WizPik Needle Felting Needles
Up to 4 sets can be sent within Canada for $5 shipping and handling.
Shipping charges will be reimbursed manually once we receive your order.
Our Price: CDN $15.99


The Advanced Set is a selection of 7 WizPik needles chosen for when you are ready to refine your skills and get to know some new needles. For intermediate and advanced felters.

Understanding what the different needles can do only broadens your needle felting knowledge and will allow you to tackle more intricate designs with confidence.

The Advanced Set includes:

  • Green - fast felter for early stages with coarser wool, deep depressions of looser wool
  • Mauve - strong all-purpose needle, perfect for children!
  • Yellow - for creating embelishments of patterns prior to wet felting, outlining
  • Peach star - A finer version of red, for blending flat pieces (rather than having a seam)
  • Lime - speedy initial felting, coarse fibres
  • Blue - splicing, eye sockets & sideways felting
  • Gold - for securing wool around a pipecleaner and general firming, sculpturing and finishing 3-dimensional projects.
Wizpick felting needles are the best out there. With a global colour coding system you can count on these needles fulfilling all of your needle felting expectations. Use the best tools to get the best results.

Made in Switzerland.
Assembled in Nelson, BC