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Ukrainian Easter Egg Beginner Kit
Ukrainian Easter Egg Beginner Kit
Our Price: CDN $23.99


The Ukrainian Easter Egg Beginner Kit is the perfect start to make traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs, also know as pysanky.

This kit includes:

  • 1 stainless steel tipped medium kistka (wax stylus)
  • 6 packages of egg dyes (yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and black)
  • 1 pure black beeswax 22g
  • "Pysanky Party" instruction manual

Comes with a complementary cleaning wire.

Whichever technique you're doing, wash eggs first with a little bit of dish soap and make sure they are room temperature before you start to dye.

Traditional Ukrainian eggs are decorated with wax and dipped and redipped in the different dyes to create intricate and symbolic designs. Since the 17th century pysanky have been created to welcome spring and ward off evil spirits. The symbols and colours each have meaning and carrying good wishes. Put together these two elements can tell a very unique story.

Horse: sun, wealth, prosperity
Flowers: wisdom, beauty, elegance,
Oak leaf/acorn: strength and persistence
Deer: masculinity, vicory, leadership
Pine bough: strength, growth, eternal life
Bird: coming of spring, fertility, fulfillment of wishes


White: purity, light, birth.
Yellow: sun, start, moon, harvest.
Orange: endurance, strength, ambition
Red: happiness, hope, passion, sun
Blue: sky, air, good health.
Green: spring, hope, freshness, renewal
Brown: Mother Earth
Black: darkest time before dawn, eternity, respect for the dead.

These dyes can be saved for a few seasons and create the beautiful bright colors pysanky need.

Made in Canada