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Individual WizPik Needle Felting Needles
WizPik Felting Needles INDIVIDUAL

Wizpick felting needles are the best out there. With a global colour coding system you can count on these needles fulfilling all of your needle felting expectations. Use the best tools to get the best results.

Felting needles are made from carbon steel and are either 3 or 3 ˝ inches long. The L-shaped hook fits into industrial equipment or in our case is the end we hold; the sharp point at the other end facilitates penetration. The “working zone” (about one third of the needle) is typically triangular in cross section, having three edges with a series of barbs cut into one or more of these edges. These barbs catch and move the fibers as the needle is repeatedly jabbed into a fiber mass. The number, spacing, depth and angle of the barbs (and the needle gauge) dictate how the needle works, and hence what it is best used for.

Wizpick has developed a comprehensive globally recognized colour code system enabling handcrafters to choose the right felting needle for every task. The type of wool (course, medium or fine) used for felting and the design (3D sculpture, attaching pieces together, wall hangings) will help to determine what needle to use.

All needles can be ordered separately.

Made in Switzerland
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Soy Candle Wick Tabs
Soy Candle Wick Tabs
Our Price: CDN $0.29

Pre-wicked candle tabs for making handmade soy wax candles. A fun DIY project for children and adults and a thrifty way to fill your home with warm and beautiful candlelight.

Simply place the wick tab in the container of your choice and pour in melted soy wax.
Note: These tabs till not work with beeswax.

Two sizes 2.5" for short votives and 6" for taller votives,

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Candle wick tabs
Candle Wick Tabs - Set of 12
Our Price: CDN $1.29

Wick tabs are used for making your own candles. They are an essential item for DIY candle making.

Simply choose a wick length and width appropriate to your container, secure the wick to the candle wick tab and pour in the wax.

Voila! Candle light love made by you.

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Ink Eraser Pen
Ink Eraser Pen
Our Price: CDN $1.29

A pen with two functions!

At one end an ink eraser, at the other a blue pen for writing again.

Never give up.

Made in Germany.
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Beeswax Block Crayon Blush
Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayon Blush for Dollmaking
Our Price: CDN $1.75

Stockmar beeswax block crayon blush, in carmine, gives a warm glow to handmade Waldorf doll cheeks.

Colour stays true and fast on our organic cotton doll skin.

A little blush and POOF your doll will come alive.

Made in Germany.
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Stockmar Individual Beeswax Stick Crayon
Stockmar Individual Beeswax Stick Crayon
Our Price: CDN $1.79

Stockmar individual beeswax stick crayon. These crayons are simply wonderful to work with.  They are rich in pigment and color easily.  In Waldorf schools children start with block crayons and then use stick crayons when they learn their alphabet.  The block crayons encourage a softer less outlined way of drawing.  For children already familiar with stick  type crayons these might be more familiar. These also last much, much longer then other stick type crayons (not mentioning any names here) and are very difficult to break.  Non-toxic.  Made in Germany by a trusted company.

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Stockmar individual beeswax block crayon
Stockmar Individual Beeswax Block Crayons
Our Price: CDN $1.79

These crayons are simply wonderful to work with. They are loved by young children as they can be easily grasped and have beautiful colours. And best of all they last a long, long time and do not break. They smell nice and are non-toxic, should a youngster take a bite.

Waldorf education encourages the use of these crayons especially for pre-school ages children. They are easy to grasp and allow for all kinds of mark making from shading to details.

Made in Germany by a trusted company. 4cmx2.5cmx1cm
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Ukrainian Easter Egg Dyes
Ukrainian Easter Egg Dyes
Our Price: CDN $1.99

Ukrainian Easter egg dyes can be used to make traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs, also know as pysanky, or just to dye Easter eggs in a simple fashion for a fun, family Easter craft.

Whichever technique you're doing, wash eggs first with a little bit of dish soap and make sure they are room temperature before you start to dye.

Traditional Ukrainian eggs are decorated with wax and dipped and redipped in the different dyes to create intricate and symbolic designs. Since the 17th century pysanky have been created to welcome spring and ward off evil spirits. The symbols and colours each have meaning and carrying good wishes. Put together these two elements can tell a very unique story.

Horse: sun, wealth, prosperity
Flowers: wisdom, beauty, elegance,
Oak leaf/acorn: strength and persistence
Deer: masculinity, vicory, leadership
Pine bough: strength, growth, eternal life
Bird: coming of spring, fertility, fulfillment of wishes


White: purity, light, birth.
Yellow: sun, start, moon, harvest.
Orange: endurance, strength, ambition
Red: happiness, hope, passion, sun
Blue: sky, air, good health.
Green: spring, hope, freshness, renewal
Brown: Mother Earth
Black: darkest time before dawn, eternity, respect for the dead.

These dyes can be saved for a few seasons and create the beautiful bright colors pysanky need.

Made in Canada
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Wooden Figure Big 59mm
TALL HAT Wooden Figure
Our Price: CDN $1.99

The TALL HAT wooden figure, is 59 mm, and wears a tall hat.
Maybe a cowboy hat.

Made of non-toxic, sustainable wood. Can be played with as is or painted or finished with wax to seal.

Perfect for open-ended play, storytelling and crafting. Lots of creating and possibilities to explore.

Create gnome families, chess sets, doll house inhabitants, tree ornaments, nature table dwellers. We love making new friends with our wooden people, also know as peg dolls or nins.

Our wool roving and wool felt are perfect for all your wooden people's hair and wardrobe needs.

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Greenfield Ink Cartridges - Set of 25
Greenfield Ink Cartridges - Set of 25
Our Price: CDN $1.99

Greenfield ink cartridges are used in all the Greenfield fountain pens.

The ink is dark blue.

Set of 25
Made in EU
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