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Individual WizPik Needle Felting Needles
WizPik Felting Needles INDIVIDUAL Sets

Wizpick felting needles are the best out there! We sell them in sets of 3 so you always have the needle you need.

Wizpick has developed a comprehensive globally recognized colour code system enabling handcrafters to choose the right felting needle for every task.

The number, spacing, depth and angle of the barbs (and the needle gauge) dictate how the needle works, and hence what it is best used for.

It's important to consider this when deciding on a needle:
  • The type of wool (course, medium or fine) you are working with.
  • The project design - 3D sculpture, attaching pieces together, or wall hangings.
Felting needles are made from carbon steel and are either 3 or 3 ˝ inches long. The L-shaped hook fits into industrial equipment or in our case is the end we hold; the sharp point at the other end facilitates penetration.

The “working zone” (about one third of the needle) is typically triangular in cross section, having three edges with a series of barbs cut into one or more of these edges. These barbs catch and move the fibers as the needle is repeatedly jabbed into a fiber mass.

Made in Switzerland
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Cotton Pipe Cleaners Set of 10
Cotton Pipe Cleaners Set of 20
Our Price: CDN $2.99

Cotton pipecleaners are soft, off-white and the "backbone" to so many art and craft projects.

Create skeletons for needle felted giraffes, dragons, and any multi-limbed creature, big or small. Cover with a layer of 100% Canadian merino batting to fill out the form, then merino or Corriedale roving for overall colour and details.

Add arms and legs to needle felted fairies and gnomes. Wrap a thin strand of merino roving around each pipe cleaner after it has been secured to the central body.

String large wooden beads on a pipecleaner to make hungry caterpillars that wiggle and pose.

Use as a stem for hand sewn 100% wool felt flowers.

12-inches in length.
20 pipecleaners
Made in the USA
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Square Braid Wick for Beeswax Candles
Square Braid Wick for Beeswax Candles
Our Price: CDN $3.99

This is the cotton wick most commonly used in rolled, dipped and poured candles. Each bundles contains 4 meters of wick, more than enough to make a dozen taper candles.

Roll - Use square braided wick with honeycomb beeswax sheets for rolled candles.
Dip - Cut the wick to desired candle length, and dip in melted beeswax.
Pour - Cut wick to desired length and attach a candle wick tab to one end, place in appropriate container and pour your own pillars, votives or tea lights.

Square braid wick is directional. Roll the wick between your fingers to find the flat side. Find the "V" pattern and ensure it is facing towards the bottom of the candle.

Choose the wick size for the candle diameter you want to make and the quantity in meters.

5-0 for tiny birthday candles
2-0 for 1-2cm diameter
1-0 for 2cm diameter
#1 for 2.5cm diameter
#2 for 5 cm diameter
#3 for 7-8cm diameter
#4 for larger still

If your candle smokes, the wick is too large. It is drips, the wick is too small.

4 meters
100% cotton
Made in Canada
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100% wool felt sheets from Holland
100% Wool Felt Sheets
Our Price: CDN $3.99

100% wool felt sheets are:
  • 30cm x 20cm
  • 1mm thick
  • colour safe
  • naturally non-flammable
  • dirt repellant
  • eco-friendly
100% wool felt sheets are made of new Merino wool from South America and processed in the EU. All colours begin with white felt to ensure consistency of each dyed colour.

These wools felt sheets are certified Oeko-tex 100, meaning they are free of harmful substances, including lead and safe for babies and children.

Made in EU
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Kite Paper Star Folding Mini Kit
Kite Paper Star Folding Mini Kit
Our Price: CDN $4.99

A festive little project to learn how to make an 8-pointed star out of Dutch kite paper. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift!

In this mini kit you will find 8 pieces of Dutch kite paper and clear and easy-to-follow, photo-illustrated instructions for how to make it.

Very popular in Waldorf classrooms, kite stars are beautiful decorations, especially for birthdays, Christmas & Advent, but also for any time of the year.

Adorn your windows with something beautiful that you made!


Kite paper made in Holland
Assembled in Nelson, BC
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Maplerose Workshop NeedleFelting Foam
Maplerose Needle Felting Foam
Our Price: CDN $6.99

Felting on foam is essential to keeping your needles in good condition and to prevent them from breaking.

We hand cut our felting foam for now.
We aim for each piece to be approximately 7x7x3-inches.

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A Bag of Bells 2oz
A Bag of Bells 2oz
Our Price: CDN $7.99

Jingle Bells in a variety of colours and sizes ranging from 5mm - 20mm.

Perfect for crafting, jewlery making, and more.
Lots of open ended play potential.

Create seasonal decorations for Christmas and Solstice, too.

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Tissue Paper Blocks
Japanese Silk Paper Blocks (Tissue Paper)
Our Price: CDN $8.99

Each 16cm x 16cm block contains 240 sheets of colourful Japanese silk paper, more commonly known as tissue paper, that bleeds when wet which makes it perfect for dyeing Easter eggs or silk scarves. Sets with vinegar or lemon juice.

240 sheets
16cm x 16 cm
Made in EU
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Wooden Zoom Car
Wooden Zoom Car
Our Price: CDN $9.99

A delight to hold and play with, the Wooden Toddler Zoom Car is an ideal first wooden toy.

A classic wooden toy, the Toddler Zoom has a cherry hardwood body with simple birch wheels.

3" long, 2 1/2" tall
Made of maple and cherry wood
For ages 3+ up

Made in USA
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Beginners Set of 5 Needle Felting Needles
WizPik Felting Needles EVERYDAY SET
Our Price: CDN $11.99

Wizpick felting needles are the best out there. With a global colour coding system you can count on these needles fulfilling all of your needle felting expectations. Use the best tools to get the best results.

The EVERYDAY is the perfect set for beginners or established felters who want to have a standard set on hand that can tackle most needle felting techniques with ease.

The EVERYDAY Set of 5 includes:
  • Red star - condense
  • Burgundy - all-purpose
  • Brown - indent
  • Orange - tip felter
  • Pink - all around needle, perfect for children.
Made in Switzerland.
Assembled in Nelson, BC

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